#ISeoulU Part 8 – Everland Resort

My travel abroad is never without the visit to theme parks.  Maybe there’s still a little kid in me I’m not willing to let go just yet.

There are several theme parks in South Korea but two of the biggest and most famous are Everland and Lotte World. Everland is an outdoor park (together with Caribbean Bay), owned by Samsung, located in Gyeonggi while Lotte World is an indoor park which is more child friendly than Everland.

There are several ways to reach Everland. You can book early with Daesung tour, they offer packages and they even offer discount to foreigners. 

Just like the previous days though, we still chose DIY.

We boarded the Line 2 train all the way to Gangnam station. When we got off at exit 10, we walked straight ahead for a few meters until we saw the WHO AU clothing store. The bus stop is right in front of it. Take the Bus 5002 and fare costs about KRW2000-2500, you can use your T-Money card to pay for it. When you reach the last stop, you will see the shuttle  bus that will take you to the park and it is free.


The best time to visit a theme park is on weekdays so there would be lesser crowd. With our discount coupon, we only paid KRW36,000 each (regular price is KRW48,000).


Global Fair

The area is basically about shopping, souvenirs and otherwise. Upon entering the park, this is the area that greets you. Here, you will find the Live Hologram Theater, if you are a big Kpop fan, make sure not to miss it.


It only has one ride, the Human Sky that links Global Fair to Zoo Topia.


American Adventure

For adventurers and extreme rides lovers, this is the best place to be. Unfortunately, at the time we weren’t too keen on trying the rides (except for my cousin who tried the Double Rock Spin because Infinite leader’s Sungkyu tried it during the Infinite Showtime reality show), we just wanted to chill.  Maybe exhaustion was already taking a tool on us. After all, it’s our sixth day in South Korea already. 


It features the Music Garden and Butterfly Garden.


It also have Sky Way and Sky Cruise, the rides that link American Adventure and European Adventure.


Magic Land

This area is for kids, or visitors who are with kids, or for adults who are less adventurers.


European Adventure

This part features European-culture. The area features its famous T-Express,  South Korea’s first ever wooden roller coaster and the world’s fourth steepest.


Unfortunately at the time of our visit, summer is at its end that’s why Rose Garden isn’t at its best.


Zoo Topia

This is the place we were most interested in. We made sure to head first to Lost Valley. Seated in an amphibious car, you get to see up close animals from all around the world.When I say up close I really mean super close encounter. We didn’t see Safari World because its like the same thing and features only white tigers, tigers and bears but I’m sure it would’ve been still a great experience. We didn’t even see Amazon Express because we mostly skipped long queue lines. Kids on field trips and families with kids usually we’re headed to this zone.


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