#ISeoulU Part 3 – Flight and Room Check-in

Cebu Pacific has only one scheduled flight per day going to Incheon and that is 3:00 in the afternoon. We checked-in early at the airport but unfortunately, our flight was delayed for almost an hour due to air traffic as usual.(30mins past 3pm we boarded and taxied immediately, we were third to take off and when it was our turn we had to wait for seven planes to land, I know because I counted.) We were a little worried because we weren’t able to inform the manager about the glitches in our timetable (though we already specified when we booked about our late check-in). It’s a four-hour flight and Seoul is ahead of one hour and Incheon to Seoul is another an hour ride.


We landed at a little past 9pm Incheon time, we had to board the airport shuttle train for about five minutes to go to the Immigration. When we got there, we had to fall in line because our arrival coincided with the arrival of a flight from Japan. At this point, we were already tired. We weighed our options on how to get to Seoul because there are at least three means of public transportation.

One: Airport Railroad Express (AREX)

The AREX operates two trains, the express train from airport to Seoul station and the all-stop train with the same route with at least 10mins travel time difference (express train takes about 43mins and the all-stop train is almost one hour).

The express train’s fare is KRW14,800 and its last train leaves at the airport at 9:40 in the evening (so, cross that out from our list).

The all-stop train which makes a stop at all of 11 subway stations only charges KRW4, 250 and its last train leaves before midnight.

Two: Airport Bus

The airport bus would take you to your exact destination unlike the trains where you have to transfer at the Seoul station. Since we were headed to Myeongdong district, we could catch the Bus 6015 located at the arrival hall (1st floor). One way ticket costs KRW10,000-KRW15,000 (I’m not so sure), the ride takes about 1hour and 30minutes and drops you off at Nine Tree Hotel near Myeongdong Station.

There is also the night bus but I am not familiar with the fare and its schedule.

Three: Taxi

Taking a taxi is not one of our options because it’s just way way too expensive.

We opted to take the all-stop train which was located at B1 (just take the elevator from the arrival hall). But first we had to buy T-Money Card at a convenience store at the airport which costs KRW4,000 but with no value, so you have to load separately  at the store or the ticket machine in the stations (T-Money card’s price ranges from KRW2,500-KRW4,000). You can also use your T-Money Card to buy at selected stores, usually the convenience stores.  We decided to buy food already so we can eat when we arrive.

From Seoul Station (Line 1), we transferred to Line 4 and Myeongdong is only two stations away. (I think there are about 20 Seoul subway lines but don’t worry too much it is easy to figure out.) We exited at Exit 10 just near Sejong Hotel and we were just one block away from our home sweet home. (Please note there are no elevators and escalators in Myeongdong Station, you have to carry your luggage from three flights of stairs).

We arrived at around 12:30am, totally exhausted and about to pass out.

24 Guesthouse Myeongdong Center


To be honest,  this was not our first choice. Our mind was dead set on booking Myeongdong Stay Residence, but we were delaying it every time because we had misgivings on whether the location was good or the reviews were accurate or what if we could find better places and then there was the thunderstorms. I guess our excitement just kind of died down and we kind of set aside planning for the trip. Until the last minute and almost all the places on our list were fully booked and prices spiked and we were almost in panic. So again, spur of the moment thing, picking the best of what was left which happened to be the last room available either (lucky us!). We booked through Agoda and scored special rates.


Because we arrived so late, Sean the manager was kind enough to leave a message and we do greatly appreciate that. Sean and his staff are all so nice and very accommodating in answering all our questions.



Sean would even lend us two adapters for free. It costs around KRW10,000 in the store while in  some other hotels/hostels/guesthouses they charge a rental fee.


This is our street and at the far end is the Myeongdong Shopping Center. One block away from the Myeongdong Station Line 4 and at a little further at the back is the Subway Line 2 Euljiro 1-ga and Euljiro 3-ga. Myeongdong Cathedral is just across the street, by the way. We really do love the location.

As I mentioned earlier, don’t worry about the subway stations because they are so easy to understand. It’s more complicated reading about it but you’ll be totally fine and you’ll enjoy it. Per stations there are at least 8-12 exits which are just few meters away from each other and across each other. We preferred the subway over riding the bus because their locations are strategically more convenient.

(Tip: When roaming around, and you think you are a little lost, just look for a subway station and you’ll be fine. It totally worked for us. Seeing subway stations bring us relief and comfort because we know we can easily spot our way home. We’re not without a map either.)

And there we have it, no regrets in staying at 24 Guesthouse, totally the best accident ever (by the way, there are a lot of 24 Guesthouses depending on your preference) Let’s just say, it was a blessing in disguise and if ever we go back (hopefully, next year) we’d definitely still go for this place.

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