#ISeoulU Part 5 – N Seoul Tower, Ewha, Hongdae, and Namdaemun

Our planned itinerary went a little down south. Second day was supposedly Nami day but we were too tired from a lot of walking the previous day we could barely move our feet and we couldn’t get out of bed early.Thus, we decided to do some reshuffling. (Tip: when making your itinerary, do make the strenuous activities go in between laid back ones to balance it).

N Seoul Tower

Going to the N Seoul Tower, get off Exit 3 at Myeongdong Station Line 4 and just follow the sign. (Be warned, prepare yourself from the steep climb)


After the long walk..


This where you find the bus terminal and the cable car.

Cable car (one way) – KRW6,000

Cable car (return ticket) – KRW8,000

Bus (one way) – KRW1,150

We decided to take the cable car on our way up and ride the bus home simply to experience both.

walktonseoul-6walktonseoul-7 To better appreciate the observatory, you go up at night.


newly opened hello kitty land
kpop store


We took Bus No 5 to take us back to Myeongdong but decided to get off at Namdaemun stop just one stop before Myeongdong and headed to Namdaemun Market

Namdaemun Market

Funny thing is it’s in the map but it’s not in the map. I know I sound stupid but that’s just it. It’s not that hard to find but it’s confusing. Take subway Line 4 and get off at Hoehyeon station.

This is where you see the  Namdaemun Gate “Great South Gate” the southern gate to the old city.

It’s a crowded place. While Myeongdong is a shopping street of thousands of brands and two premier department stores (Lotte and Shinsegae), Namdaemun consists mostly of stalls and street vendors with some department stores nearby. The stalls though aren’t organized where there’s one section for shoes or clothes or what nots. Everything is just everywhere so you have to look all over the place as to not miss anything.

P.S. for I ❤ korea shirt souvenir, this is the best place to buy because they sell it the cheapest for 3 for KRW10,000.

Ewha University

This is one of the best shopping places. Since they cater mostly students, they sell the products at a cheaper price.


Hongdae / Hongik University

The district is known for trendy cafes (some of which are owned by Idols), indie scene, street arts and underground musicians. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time to take a look around.


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