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Aquamarine Princess is a young lass who would discern the telltale of life and leave you wading through her thoughts. She oftentimes use pseudonyms because she loves connecting with her fellow wanderers and doesn’t want to be found by people who personally know her.
She is your usual bookworm who spent her entire childhood living in the world of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter. She is no cheerleader and no sport enthusiast but found her niche in the grandstands supporting the National Football Team. She is not one who was blessed with a golden voice and a dancing feet but found herself fangirling over Kpop and tied to Korean Dramas.
She is a little fighter who was born and raised in the countryside but braved the city lights to chase her little bubbles. She is a hopeless romantic who is on her way to painting her happily ever after.
 Amidst all the hiatus, she believes that her innate desires will unbelievably happen in reality too. Lo and behold, she’s the epitome of a real pique, unafraid to raffle some feathers.
Aquamarine Princess in real world, monsieurs and mademoiselles,  is Marnelli Dianne.

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