#ISeouLU Part 12 – 7-day Trip to South Korea for Php 30,000

It took awhile before I could come up with this expenses summary post. One, I’ve never done it before. Two, every penny was split between my cousin and I (except for some pasalubong and personal trinkets).

For starter, our budget for the trip is not exceeding Php30,000 each. It’s a little hard breaking down the expenses so please bear with me. Here goes my rough estimate:

Airfare (inclusive of 20kg and 30kg baggage allowance, and Php 1620.00 travel tax)/pax  11,419 258,000
24 Guesthouse Myeongdong Center/7nights/pax    8,000 188,000
T-Money Card       170      4,000
T-Money Load (estimate)   2,100    50,000
Food/Meals/Streetfoods (estimate)   2,500    60,000
Pasalubong/Trinkets/Souvenirs (estimate)   2,100    50,000
Integrated Royal Palace Pass       425    10,000
N Seoul Tower Cable Car (one way)       255      6,000
Gapyeong Tour Bus       255      6,000
Nami Island Visa       340      8,000
Petit France Entrance Fee       255      6,000
Everland    1,500   36,000
Total 29,319 682,000

I hope this helps in any way if you have plans visiting the beautiful South Korea as backpacker, on a budget trip or otherwise.

Travel while you are young, wild, and free. Travel far and wide. Explore the world. Let your happy feet take you to different places. Learn different cultures. Each travel will gain you wisdom and knowledge. Spread your wings my fellow wanderlusts. Good luck! 🙂

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#ISeouLU Part 12 – 7-day Trip to South Korea for Php 30,000

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