Chasing the Dusk

One last hurrah before we leave 2016 behind.


2016 wasn’t a perfect year to boot. It wasn’t a walk in the park. It was one whole roller coaster ride. But it was one hell of a memorable year, nonetheless.

The year had its ups and downs and in betweens. A step back has always been rewarded with two steps forward. The days weren’t always rays of sunshine but the moment I learned to dance in the rain, I felt the difference of simply existing and fighting to live.

Instead of running for cover, I willingly let the droplets of rain cascade my skin. Instead of dodging the heat, I basked in its glory. I guess, maturity does that to a person.

There were wasted opportunities, there were predestined falling outs. But I no longer ponder on it. I know now I am where I should be.

People came and went. That facet of life just became routinary I no longer keep track of it. I learned that they happen because that’s just life.

This year is all about appreciation and gratitude. It may not be the best of all the past years combined, but it outlined the being we became into – Older. Smarter. Braver. Stronger.

This year, just like the others, is far from being smooth sailing. But the positive always outweighed the negative. I bathed the blessings more than the mishaps. I learned to appreciate what is in front of me more than the squandered chances. I counted the friends I have more than the faceless strangers I lost. I valued the time I spent with my family more than the riches in the world. I clinged to my faith in God more than the preaches I was forced to listen to.


2017 is trailing behind. We don’t know for sure what’s in store for us the coming year. There will be another set of changes, new challenges, new beginnings. We are past the point of trepidation though. It’s just a new year. Different but somehow the same.

It’s never wrong to be foolish once because you will never be as young again. When a year ends, there is no looking back. Leave the cradle of your bed. Travel the world, there is so much to see. Experience is not something you can ever pick up from the leaf of a book.

Ditch your safe haven so you can find your happy place. Go out and meet people. Make friends. You will find how you are not different from others.

Face your archenemy. Forgive. Make amends. You’ll be surprised how it will calm you.

Indulge yourself to your cravings. What harm can a pint of an ice cream or a slice of pizza do.

You think your life is in shambles? Pick up the pieces. You have to learn to walk before you can run. Start somewhere. You’ll never swim away from your misery if you remain drowned to it.

Never fear to take the risk. Do not rely your future on your tarot card readings. You carve your own fate. Lock heads with destiny if you have to. Just don’t think you are a hopeless case.

Above all, learn to live a life that is not always about you. Maybe then, you’d find your purpose.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!




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