One day, I woke up to the urge of wanting to write again. Countless times I tried to write down something, but I couldn’t form the right words. They became a little too elusive, and it’s frustrating! It’s as if I lost touch of the skill. It’s as if I became unfeeling. 

 I can’t find deep emotion and connection. Writing is the only thing I’m good at and I am throwing it away. Maybe because life became a little boring, steady and chill. There were no dramas. I got so lost on work and responsibilities. I got so used in my idle life.. or maybe I became a little too guarded. So, writing took the backseat.

And today, I learned and decided that got to change. You can change  something if you wanted it so much. You don’t need grand inspiration or major setback in your life. You don’t need to be in love or heartbroken to be able to do something you know that has always been in you. It’s not lost. It’s just there somewhere, lying low, waiting to be summoned by you. 

I’m going back to my first love. I will dance again with my thoughts. I will sing again with my words. I will write again. I am writing again. I will forever do.


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