The Barren Mind

The floor of the universe is trying to make up for the lost time. It is not clear as to how it is done. Nonetheless, when the flowers of summer bloom; the moon will shed light to the path of the wandering soul.

It is never a question as to how darkness define the mood of sadness. The black night dims what the heart magnifies. The map of emotion is a stagnant river Nile.

Sunshine  sets a ray of hope to a being whose mind is swimming with unshed emotions and swarming with unasked questions. It’s a roller coaster in a flash. It’s the gondola of the heart that would spike the thunder inside.

Senseless nights, sinful days. Desires that are growing. Planting the seed of the past is always uncertain. Whether it will never wilt down or flourish to something flesh. It is but confusing the facets of life. 

Faith springs to life when destiny takes you to the horizon. The avenue of the sands pave of blinking romance. It is then but right to spill the fear off the bucket. Stow away in the middle of fight. Protect the fiends of what you have left. Change the phase of the game. Bare the foot of the chain. It is but the voice of the sane. Silken life, rough slide. That’s the barren mind’s pride.


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