#SingaporeIsAFineCity Day 1 – MNL TO SG

Besides Hong Kong, Singapore is one of the most popular destination in Asia. Why? One, it is generally one of the safest; two, it is one of the cleanest; three, it is visa free; four, it is a powerhouse country in terms of economy, policy, politics and the like.

As early as February, my cousins and I already planned our trip. We will be staying with our cousin who works in Singapore as a Civil Engineer. In fact, he is part of the team who worked on the now-tallest building in the city, the Tanjong Pagar Centre, standing 290 meters and about to be completed this 2016.


Travel time via Cebu Pacific airlines

It was my first time to fly with Cebu Pac and I already experienced 2-hour delay (which was explained to us onboard that it was due to air traffic. So as crazy as it was, I have to understand that). While waiting at the boarding gate, they served bottled water and cup noodles (good point, somehow). Two hours after, and we were already boarding, Cebu Pacific again served a rice meal and a bottled water (that’s another plus points in my book). Putting the delay aside, I had a great time with Cebu Pac.

PS. I dunno if it was déjà vu or not but the smooth take off and landing brought me back to my trip to Hong Kong. And imagine my surprise that a certain Capt Prado was in charge of our flight, if I’m not mistaken a certain Capt Prado was also in charge in our PAL flight to Hong Kong sometime ago. Coincidence. (Okay, I dont wanna think too much about the what nots).

Four hours later, and we were on our way to my cousin’s home. We travelled an hour via subway from the airport to Jurong West.



One thing I noticed in Singapore is that most, if not all, the residential areas are outside of the business districts which dominated by fully furnished high rise condominiums and apartments. Singapore is a fine but expensive city.

Public Transportation

I love this city’s public transportation. I could literary live in the MRT y’know. My cousin bought us a 3-day Singapore Tourist Pass worth 20SGD. You can use the card in MRT, LRT and bus with unlimited access.


Singapore is a right-hand drive country. I’m amazed how discipline people are. In escalators, you have to stand left-side so people in a hurry can walk up or down the right side. In the subway platforms, you have to stand on the left and right side, so people can get-off first before you board on the train. There are no written rules, but you have to follow.


Double-decker Bus

Taxis, cars, and bus drivers are also disciplined. A stop is a stop in a stoplight. Whenever there is a pedestrian crossing, moving cars slow down whether there is a person or not.


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