“All good things must come to an end” – Gier

(world cup qualifiers philippines vs yemen. rizal memorial stadium.)

Wednesday. 17 February 2016 – That was when our skipper announced his retirement from international duty on his facebook page. And until now, I am still reeling from the fact that he really did finally hang his boots. A sad day for the Azkals community. I thought I’ve had it when Aly Borromeo, the only skipper I stubbornly acknowledged back then, prematurely bowed out from the team due to injury or the sudden departure of Dennis Cagara or when James Younghusband was dropped from the roster. But nothing prepared the community from Rob Gier’s out of the blue announcement.

Of course, we all knew its just a matter of time now but we thought he will at least finish the world cup qualifiers campaign. I mean there are only two games left until March, right? The Azkals community has been a little silent and all of sudden.. bam! this took us by storm.. that’s a little harsh, I say.

I guess, I am just so not ready to let go of the No. 2 jersey. The best centralback, a solid defender, and an equally excellent skipper. I will miss the writeups on how good a scout he is, on how he keeps the spirit of his team afloat, on his pep talks before a match. And now, there are only two men left from that miracle of Hanoi.

Gier will be missed, not only by his teammates and the management staff, but by us fans too. He was a solid leader on and off the pitch.


Captain, good luck on your new endeavor. Hopefully, few years down the road we get to finally call you Coach!


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