Hello 2016!


another year. a new chapter. a continuous journey. It’s not about growing old, it’s about growing up. You learned. You fell,you stand back up. You lose some, You win some.

I’d like to believe I am wiser. I’d like to believe I’ve matured. I’d like to believe I learned a lot from the past year. I’d like to think  who I am today is the better version of who I was yesterday.

To the people who never left, I am grateful.  You don’t know how much.

To the people who are silently there, I am humbled. You are treasured.

To the people who are there whenever I am at my lowest, you are my anchor.

To the people who only shared my victory, you taught me what “true” care is.

To the people who left me hanging, you showed me my strength.

To the people who continue to believe in me, you helped me build my dream.

I don’t pretend to have lived in a perfect world. I maybe a late bloomer in accepting the facts of life, but the thing is I learned and it made me better.

I stumbled a lot but I never stopped standing up. Fall down seven times, stand up eight so they say. It made me stronger. It made me tougher.

I lost count of people who disappeared and left me hanging, they added the word “caution” to my dictionary. People aren’t always who they pretend to be.

I stopped caring not because I became unfeeling but because I grew tired of giving. I stopped chasing not because I ran out of breath but because I grew tired of reaching out. I became distant not because I am too high to reach but because I grew tired of being taken for granted. I cut all ties not because we no longer are in the same league but because I learned that I can’t be with people who are two-faced.

But then twice as many came squeezing in and made me trust again. People who taught me that there are those who are far better than the others. People who taught me to be me. People who do not judge me and my past and accepted all of me with open arms. People who taught me not to battle with life but to bend down and sway away.People whom I didn’t beg to fit in. People who remember the little big things. People who do not always make me feel good but slap me with reality. People who doesn’t just comfort me on my lowest or cheer me on my victory, but people who walk by my side.  They are for keeps. Eventually, I am slowly mending.

Life is all about constant change. I learned to live out of the box. I embraced the world. I let go of fear. I fought back. I forgot how to play it safe. I left my comfort zone. It made me stronger. It made me braver. It made me become wiser.

It’s a wonderful twenty four years of journey and I still have a long way to go, maybe eighty years more.


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